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Quintin is the Principal Architect and Founder of EXCELLENT HOME.

He studied construction in China and created commercial remodelling business in Japan.

Throughout hands-on projects, he has formed meticulous design thinking, precise project management, space planning and world top-notch craftsmanship in Japan.

In 2013,  he immigrated to Canada and created EXCELLENT HOME in Toronto. Thanks to his technical background in architecture, often when his clients encounter the space utilization issues, he is able to propose structural modifications within the safety parameters. Not only he guides you during the design process, he also supervises and coordinates the project from start to finish. Lastly his design comes with calm and curated aesthetic look which he got influenced with in Japan.


He handcrafted 1,000 square feet showroom in Toronto, he believes helping clients visualize Excellent Home is the key to a successful project.


To Quintin, all the transformation projects are the state of art, he delivers passions and precision to his work. His daily quote to his clients is “As long as you are happy, I am happy”.

Anita is the Cabinetry/Interior Designer at Excellent Home. She studied Intelligent Building in Singapore and gained her design background in Singapore.

She enjoys working for Excellent Home, where has made her mark in many commercial and residential spaces.


Dedicated to advancing her passion on interior design, Anita believes design has to come from clients daily habits, hobbies and family needs. She always walk in client’s “shoes” to draw the design solutions. Each space is designed with intention and compassion.


Her distinct aesthetic style is modern, curated and timeless. The millwork she creates is elegant, ergonomic and maximizing space utilization.


Her clients are always grateful with her thoughtfulness, meticulousness and precision.


Anita is looking forward to working with you to meet your design goal.


We handcrafted 1,000 SQF showroom in Toronto, you can find the trendy kitchen and bathroom models to visualize your design goal.


We also understand shopping for materials is the most stressful task for our clients. You can find the most trendy samples in our showroom including wood panels, paint, hard wood floor, tiles, quartz countertop and cabinetry pulls. All the materials are high quality and direct from factories, you as our clients will get the discounted price.

Passion for our clients and our work. Excellent Home Show Room 天工巧匠尽情奉献 Team of renovation experts.
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June 1, 2023
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